Situated on the Gulf Coast, Panama City has long been known for having “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”. The soft sun bleached white sand and sparkling clear blue waters have made it a vacation destination that families return to year after year.

I’ve lived in Panama City, on and off, for many years and my family has lived here since the 1920’s. I have a great love and appreciation for not only the natural beauty but also the history that is abundant in this area.

During the Civil War Panama City, and many other areas along the Florida Gulf Coast, were major providers of salt to the Confederate cause. The St.Andrew Bay Saltworks was one of the largest producer of salt in the South from 1861 to 1865. It sold for $50 a bushel and if a man worked at one of these saltworks he was exempted from serving as a soldier in the Confederate Army. The Union made it a top priority to destroy any and all Saltworks and they were easy to find by the smoke and fires that could be seen along the coast. Destruction of Confederate Saltworks was a comparable blow “to the Southern cause as the fall of Charleston.”

Paul for saltworksAt Gulf Coast Saltworks we’re resurrecting this tradition and creating an amazingly flavorful finishing salt from the local Gulf waters. It has a bold clean burst of saltiness without any bitter aftertaste, a perfect complement to any dish.

Give it a try and Bon Appetite!

Chef Paul Ashman, CEPC

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